14 November 2019     

The Key to Digital Transformation is in Cloud Computing Companies

Sponsored by Sparkle, IDC’s InfoBrief reveals the reasons why 78% of CIOs in Turkey consider cloud computing critical for their organizations’ digital strategy


Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and among the top ten global operators, has just released the findings of Striking the Right Balance: How to Enable Greater Agility in the ‘Multicloud Era’, Sparkle-sponsored InfoBrief developed by international research organization IDC.

According to the study, 78% of CIOs in Turkey believe that cloud computing is critical for their organization's digital strategy: cloud enables organizations to simplify and scale their IT infrastructure as needed and to experiment new technologies. Business agility and faster go-to-market are other imperatives behind cloud services adoption.

As market evolves, enterprises gain important cloud skills and knowledge, which ultimately helps them progress through the five stages of the cloud adoption path. The last stage of cloud maturity, which IDC calls “Optimized” is the one that provides the most benefits: enterprises which deploy private, public and hybrid clouds according to their IT, applications and business needs and manage distributed resources across environments successfully, are those who have mature cloud strategies. 

The report findings also demonstrate that multicloud adoption is a growing trend and predict that the future is all about expansive of Automation, Analytics, DevOps, Agile, Microservices, Containers, Serverless, Container as a Service, DBaaS SQL, DRaaS, and Hybrid cloud. 

Priority of enterprises is the control of the distributed workloads running on third-party public clouds or hybrid clouds. Sparkle helps customers to identify their business needs strongly, and create a roadmap for their cloud journey by reducing operational complexity. 

Sparkle provides Cloud services across multiple public, local and private platforms running on multitenant environment including an automated management console for its customers, partners and resellers. By leveraging state-of-the-art connectivity services, Sparkle also encourages multicloud deployments of enterprises through Cloud Connect, high reliable and flexible point-to-point access service, and enables tailored hybrid solutions in its interconnected carrier-neutral Datacenters with disaster recovery and managed professional services supported by its certified competence center.

Sparkle’s Hyper-converged Multicloud Automation Platform leverages businesses to drive their multicloud strategies with unified management tools and applications, and discover digital transformation potential.

Sparkle has a strategic presence in Turkey through its subsidiary Sparkle Turkey. With a fully diversified network and premium data center facilities in Istanbul, Sparkle Turkey is the choice of preference of many global and regional carriers as well as MNCs and corporates in Turkey, providing cost effective Network, Data Center and Cloud solutions that best fulfill the performance, efficiency, flexibility and quality standards required by customers. Sparkle Turkey is committed to innovation and plays a key role in Sparkle Group’s relaunch journey.

The study is available in English and Turkish: