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Value proposition

A worldwide-managed bandwidth solution that allows Customers to connect, permanently and exclusively, all their locations with digital links through dedicated international circuits (over new or traditional generation backbones).


Site2Site offers reliable transparent connection via an end-to-end solution, and ensures:
  • Great reliability; Site2Site is reliable for mission-critical applications, offering full, secure bandwidth, and provides international and national circuits between two customer locations. Thanks to redundancy of network equipment, the availability of alternative routing paths implemented for all customers and the continuous network supervision (24/7) performed by a team of specialists.
  • Global Coverage; With TI Sparkle's proprietary and legacy infrastructure, as well as subsidiaries and local partner networks, the Site2Site service keeps Europe, the Gulf, North and Latin America, and the Mediterranean Basin connected. Plus, TI Sparkle has widened its service coverage thanks to a number of NNI, partnerships and agreements with the major players, providing connectivity throughout the world. One of the main strengths of Sparkle's network is the wide range of redundant infrastructure possibilities to hard-to-reach destinations.
  • One-stop shopping: TI Sparkle provides a complete range of services to fit any customer need. Rather than manage multiple agreements with different providers, benefit from a single point of contact for provisioning and assurance services of your global requirements.
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