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Ethernet Suite
Value proposition

The Ethernet Suite Service targets each company that has to connect different international data environments through cost-effective, high performing and transparent end-to-end connectivity.
Based on Sparkle’s global Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified state of the art backbone, the service offers more flexibility in terms of scalability and cost reduction compared to other connectivity solutions.


  • flexibility and granularity bandwidth: standard from 2Mbps to 5Gbps with different steps according to your needs, including a Data Burst option

  • multiple access technologies: fiber, copper and Wireless access types, to guarantee a capillary coverage

  • great reliability and fault tolerance: easy implementation of Ethernet protocol reduces faults incidence improving the business continuity

  • cost saving: Ethernet solution allows to upgrade the speed and to combine more connections through the same physical interface

  • global coverage: with Sparkle's proprietary and legacy infrastructure, as well as subsidiaries and local partner networks, the Ethernet Service connects Europe, the Gulf Area, the Mediterranean Basin, North Africa, North and Latin America, and Asia

  • one stop shopping: a single interface for provisioning and assurance worldwide

  • outsourcing & equipment provisioning services worldwide: a single point of contact for the provisioning, installation, maintenance and, if requested, the network management

  • service level agreement: to guarantee the high-quality service, Sparkle offers market conform service level agreements

  • MEF compliant network: Sparkle network is MEF certified CE 1.0 and CE 2.0.Furthermore, Sparkle is the first European Service Provider to receive MEF 100G Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification For E-Line (EPL & EVPL) Services. Sparkle is also the first service provider worldwide to become MEF 100G CE 2.0 certified for E-Line Services on a submarine cable system

Product features

The Ethernet Suite Service is provided by Sparkle’s MEF certified Carrier Ethernet Backbone guaranteeing a ubiquitous, standardized, carrier class service and differentiated classes of service (High (H), Medium (M) and Low(L) in according to MEF standard and corresponding to specific characteristics for:
  • Voice traffic
  • Broadcast Video and Video on Demand
  • Business Data and Enterprise Applications
  • Internet Access & Broadband Users

Inside the three Ethernet service type (E-LINE, E-LAN and E-Access) architecture it’s possible to distinguish one of more of the following different service models according to “EVC type” (Ethernet Virtual Connection type) attribute associated to the UNI:
  • Ethernet Private Line Service (EPL) for Point-to-Point connections
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service (EVPL) for Point-to-Multipoint connections
  • Ethernet Private LAN Service (EP-LAN) for Multipoint-to-Multipoint connections

For point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint connections, the Ethernet over MPLS allows customers to connect one single port to multiple locations optimizing traffic and (port) infrastructure, and further reducing the total cost of ownership.