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Secure Identity Suite
Secure Identity Suite is a Security SaaS for effective next-generation authentication and fraud management. Aimed at satisfying the most demanding customers, the service allows users to authenticate themselves by making a simple call from their mobile phone. It is ideal to securely access restricted areas such as eCommerce and web banking platforms, mobile apps, corporate Intranets, ATMs as well as other types of identity access management platforms.

Service Description

Secure Identity Suite is the Out-of-Band Strong Authentication that allows users to securely authenticate themselves by making a simple call from their mobile phone. The service, as it prevents the most advanced techniques of online fraud and abuse, protects corporates as well as customers by exploiting native GSM/UMTS network features when authenticating the user and securely transmitting information and instructions to the platform.

The telephone device will no longer be only a personal device to identify a user as it will also allow customers to take advantage of an additional channel to transfer sensitive data and information (e.g. OTP, PIN, speaker recognition, etc.). The combination of the two different channels (web + TLC network) makes strong authentication, and more precisely Out-of-Band Strong Authentication, even more secure and fraud-resistant.

Value Proposition
  • No software to be installed or deployed by the end users
  • Maximum security currently available in the market
  • Operator/Phone-Independent
  • No logistics costs
  • User-friendly experience, as simple as a phone call
  • Real and perceived high level of security
  • No computer skills required
  • No extra tools to carry
Able to prevent numerous types of computer frauds, such as phishing, botnets, man in the middle and man in the browser, key-logger, etc., Secure Identity Suite addresses even the highest security-demanding customers (e.g. banks) who want to increase the level of security and, by consequence, end-user’s loyalty and trust.

Secure online banking, ecommerce and mobile payment come with the potential of increased revenue and new business opportunities. Customers adopting Secure Identity Suite make each end-user more valuable and more profitable by enabling greater uptake of online services (the ‘top of wallet’ effect) with short time2market as well as low implementation and maintenance costs.

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