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Barrier Antifraud Services
Value proposition

The Sparkle Barrier Anti-Fraud Management Service is a service designed to assist customers in reducing the growing economic risk, as well as the risk to a carrier’s reputation derived from fraud propagated either on one’s own network, or one’s supplier’s network which negatively impacts your business and your customers.


The Barrier solution consists of 4 components:
  • Blocking: automatically programmed to engage when defined thresholds of interest defined by the customer are exceeded
  • Alerting: emailed alarms sent to the customer as soon as any of the traffic parameters under review exceed the predefined thresholds
  • Reporting: in-depth daily/weekly reporting of metrics under investigation
  • Advising: Ongoing, advanced consultative services
The service offers capabilities for analyzing both originating numbers, as well as called numbers, for a comprehensive view of possible fraud sources

Product features

Two types of Managed Services are available:

Basic Service Option

This version of Barrier is comprised of a series of customer-defined parameters, for the blocking and alerting of fraud monitoring, facilitated by the TIS Antifraud team.

Fully-Managed Service Option

Provides the fundamental functionality of the Basic Service, with the value-added features of the extensive and specialized Reporting, and Advising services. Features include: periodic conference calls with the Antifraud team member to assure ongoing, relevant parameters and service satisfaction; daily traffic peak reports, weekly suspicious number reports, alert analysis, etc. with the scope of offering customers the full advantage of the vast in-house TIS Antifraud expertise.


The Barrier Anti-fraud service capitalizes TI Sparkle’s wholesale know-how, combining a wide variety of competencies on many types of fraud, allowing for comparisons to be made between the traffic behaviors of a vast range of different operators.


With a long-standing experience in the realm of fraud management, TI Sparkle provides a comprehensive, expert-driven highly-effective service at a reasonably low cost.