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SMS Booster
Value proposition

Sparkle SMS Booster is a comprehensive managed service solution that enables mobile operators to secure the maximum revenue opportunity and provide the best customer experience.


SMS Booster is the combination of a sophisticated managed service (24/7 basis) SMS Firewall platform, dedicated to detect and block all grey route phenomena, plus SMS Transit platform, dedicated to the correct A2P SMS traffic collection and monetization. Through SMS Booster, mobile operators will benefit of new revenue streams with the guarantee of the maximum protection to their subscribers at no additional cost.

Product features
  • Generate new revenues stream from monetization of A2P SMS traffic
  • Collect SMS A2P traffic giving the right value to MNOs’ termination rate
  • Manage the SMS Firewall on a 24/7 basis providing the necessary intelligence and support
  • Eliminate spam and fraudulent traffic (grey routes)
  • Service is fully compliant with GSMA specifications (IR70 and IR71)