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ITU/ANSI Conversion
Net2Mobile GRX
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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
ITU/ANSI Conversion
Value proposition

TI Sparkle ITU/ANSI Conversion service is intended to provide international transit and interoperability services between ITU GSM networks and ANSI GSM networks. TI Sparkle provides transit and conversion of SS7 signaling protocols MTP and SCCP. The ITU/ANSI conversion assures the collection and termination of international signalling service to/from the mobile operators that worldwide adopt the ANSI standard with a 100% GSM Ansi mobile operators coverage.


In North America, Canada and some parts of South America, GSM mobile operators use specific ANSI addressing and relative message format standards, while in the rest of the world, GSM Mobile Operators use the ITU addressing and relative message format standards. In order for ANSI and ITU networks to set up roaming and proper message addressing, a translation between the two standards required.

Product features

Format conversion provided through proprietary and fully redundant conversion platform located in Newark, US.
Access Options both through dedicated TDM circuits and Sigtran (IP).
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