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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
Carrier MPLS
Value proposition

Our network is your network. Thanks to the flexible and innovative implementation of IP-MPLS standards, operators can use the Sparkle Network to provide corporate customers with international service. Whether you are extending your coverage across the globe or to specific destinations, you'll maintain complete control of your customers and homogeneous service features across the interconnection. A flexible and cost-effective solution for global seamless IP MPLS service. Your end-customers benefit from truly global IP VPN service.


A worldwide VPN solution, based on a state-of-the-art IP MPLS multi-service backbone with up to 5 different classes of services to allow the implementation of convergence you need. Based on extensive experience working with interconnecting partners using multiple technologies, TI Sparkle is able to support flexible and smooth interconnections without using re-mapping equipment between the networks, to allow CoS and ToS transparency throughout customer VPNs.

A complete set of access capabilities are available in every country to allow operators to identify the best solution to fit your needs: SDH, ADSL, SDSL and Ethernet accesses can be used to determine price and quality beyond the top-class IP-MPLS backbone.

Unmanaged solution

Operators are free to manage their customers' CPE connected to the Sparkle Network.


Operators can easily and quickly interconnect to the TI Sparkle Network, without re-mapping operations between the interconnected networks. Operators' Class of Service policies are transported across the TI Sparkle Network transparently; operators can therefore offer their end-customers the same service anywhere in the world.

Global coverage

The service is available globally through a worldwide coverage with particular focus in Europe , the Mediterranean Basin, Gulf Area, South America and many other hard-to-reach destinations.

Single point of contact

TI Sparkle is able to offer turnkey solutions including transport services, local tail provisioning and professional support services (such as provisioning and maintenance of end-user equipment). This way, our partners benefit of a single point of contact, avoiding the complexity of managing different suppliers to complete the offer.

Great reliability and robustness

Based of innovative backbone architectures (IP-MPLS over fibre), top market equipment, diverse network paths and continuously supervised (24/7) by a team of specialists the Sparkle Network guarantees the best market quality standards.

Pre-sales support

A dedicated team supports all technical and economic pre-sale analyses to identify the best possible solution in terms of routes, diversified or protected paths, back-up schemes, and integration with CPE provisioning.
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