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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
Value proposition

Site2Site allows operators to permanently connect their customers’ premises through dedicated international circuits. Site2Site is TI Sparkle managed bandwidth service which means flexibility, high quality, secure network and competitive prices for long and short-term transparent connections all over the world, including many hard-to-reach destinations.
It includes Ethernet End-to-End connectivity over a SDH backbone.


Designed for operators who require to permanently connect all their international premises through reliable dedicated international end-to-end transmission capacities.

Site2Site offers different capacities of bandwidth varying from 2Mb up to STM-64, as well as innovative Ethernet access speeds between 2Mb and 10Gb.


Global coverage
The Site2Site service offers worldwide End-to-End connectivity thanks to TI Sparkle's proprietary Pan European Backbone (PEB), the Latin American Nautilus (LAN) Backbone, the Mediterranean Nautilus (MED) Backbone and Mediterranean cable systems. Furthermore TI Sparkle has extended its service coverage thanks to a number submarine cable participations, close-partnerships and agreements with the local and regional players, providing connectivity on a global scale.

Hard-to-reach destinations and diverse path business continuity solutions represent some of the advantages of the TI Sparkle proposition.

Great reliability
With innovative architectures, top-market equipment, diverse network paths and continuous supervision (24/7) by a team of specialists, the Sparkle network guarantees the best market quality standards.

Pre-sale support
TI Sparkle provides support for all technical and economical pre-sale analyses to identify the best solution in terms of routes, diversified or protected paths, back-up schemes, and integration with CPE provisioning.