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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
IP VPN Suite

A worldwide integrated offer of Voice, Video & IP/Data services, based on a state-of-the-art IP-MPLS multi-service backbone with differentiated Classes of Services, allows TI Sparkle to provide highly scalable, differentiated IP services that simplify configuration, management and supply for its customers.

Give you the best in innovative and convergent solutions.

Value proposition

The IP-VPN Suite service offers:
  • Immediate time to market to target even the most demanding customers
  • Save investments to provide innovation and best-class services

Global coverage: IP-VPN Suite offers international coverage through:
  • rich access capabilities portfolio (ADSL, SDSL,SDH, Ethernet, satellite and 3G/4G) to select the best cost-effective solution a worldwide coverage with particular focus in Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, Africa, Middle East and North and South America
Great reliability and robustness: based of innovative architectures, top market equipment, diverse network paths, meshed architecture and continuously supervised (24/7) by a team of specialists the Sparkle Network guarantees the best market quality standards.

Service quality: thanks to the use of MPLS technology, customer applications will be managed with a different priority through the network in order to ensure the best service.

Convergence: merge all services and applications on a single platform thanks to 5 Class of Services and a complete portfolio of access capabilities, to select the right price and quality for each customer.

The right partner to access the global Cloud ecosystem

Take advantage of our proprietary infrastructure to enhance the customers performance in accessing cloud capabilities provided by the main Cloud Players in Europe, Americas and Asia. TI Sparkle will allow a quick integration of cloud capabilities in customers’ VPNs.


IP-VPN Suite is the right solutions for carriers to power their corporate market portfolio.
TI Sparkle offers a complete solution to:
  • set up an IP MPLS VPN among worldwide customer premises
  • open the VPN to the Internet, guarantying all the market security features
  • enable interactive Video over IP
  • be more efficient through a true Voice over IP (VoIP) solution including both on-net and off-net calls
  • integrate all VAS and ICT solutions available from customer’s and our service portfolio
A complete range of access capabilities are available in every country to allow operators to identify the best possible solution for matching customers’ quality and economic needs. SDH, ADSL, SDSL, Ethernet, satellite and mobile accesses can be used to fine-tune price and quality beyond the top class IP-MPLS backbone.