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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
Value proposition

Sparkle is committed to providing reliable, high-quality Internet services on its global IP network. Through its extensive worldwide presence, Seabone places Internet access right at your fingertips. The innovative concept and architecture of its meshed network provides a congestion-free environment, ensuring fail-proof service to customers. Fault tolerance and redundancy are fully granted by a network that encircles the globe by reaching across Europe to Asia, from Asia through the US and from the US back to Europe. Seabone provides customers with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement that guarantees availability, packet delivery and latency. Contact Center is led by a team of professionals welcoming Customers in six different languages and a Self Caring platform is accessible via WEB. The Backbone Management performed in NOCs located in Europe and Latin America.


Seabone is Sparkle's IP Transit service: a worldwide Tier-1 Internet backbone providing ISPs, Content Providers and Accelerators with top performing access to the Global Internet. With its vast presence throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States, its unique presence in Africa, Middle East and Mediterranean Basin, and ongoing expansion plans in the Asia Pacific, Seabone is one of the Top 10 global IP players providing “state-of-the-art” performance, robustness, and reliability. In addition, DoS/DDoS attacks are managed with customized solutions as Self DDoS Mitigation, a more sophisticated option for smart Customers to self-protect their networks.

Product features

Seabone backbone technology is based on a proprietary, redundant and scalable fiber network. With a fully redundant core/edge POP architecture and continuous upgrading, Seabone stands out in the wholesale IP arena. Direct and oversized interconnections with all the Tier-1 networks around the globe ensure the shortest path across the backbone:
  • Port Types: SDH and Ethernet
  • Speed rates from 2 Mb to 100 Gb
  • Link & Bundle aggregation
  • Flat or Burstable billing options
  • Aggregate billing over multiple ports
  • IPv4, IPv6 native, Dual Stack IPv4 + IPv6
  • Multiple BGP sessions
  • Extensive eBGP Communities support
  • IP ring around the world
  • Competitive Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • “State-of-the-art” protection from DDoS attacks
  • Customized DDoS Mitigation options
  • Fast Delivery