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Int'l Solutions for Telecom Italia Customers

Thanks to their international capabilities, Telecom Italia can extend its domestic service portfolio worldwide and provide customers with innovative, convergent and seamless solutions. Telecom Italia is the single point of contact for account management, global provisioning, customer care and billing for both domestic and international services.
TI Sparkle makes it possible for customers to expand and support their business operations abroad, managing and integrating the complexity of their communications services nationally and internationally, while delivering customized and reliable solutions worldwide.
TI Sparkle's multinational solutions deliver authentic business benefits and demonstrate a clear return on investment with a wide range of service options, from simple cost-effective connectivity solutions for the small and medium enterprise, to business continuity solutions with the highest levels of service performance and availability. The service portfolio has been developed and continuously enhanced with a strong focus on innovative solutions, thanks to TI Sparkle's experience on international markets, for both multinational and broadband solutions.

TI Sparkle Multinational Solutions:

Hyperway Abroad
A worldwide integrated offer of voice, video and IP/data services, based on a state-of-the-art IP MPLS multi-service backbone with differentiated Classes of Services. Quality standards are exceptionally high for the wide range of VPN access capabilities, such as SDH, xDSL, Ethernet, satellite, , Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G. MPLS technology makes it possible to create scalable VPN networks using end-to-end QoS implementation. This allows TI Sparkle to provide highly scalable, differentiated IP services that simplify configuration, management and supply for both the operator and the customer. Hyperway Abroad provides customers with the possibility to develop their virtual network and telecommunication services while fully enjoying the concept of "convergence". It includes:
  • IPrivate: to set up an IP MPLS VPN among branches and HQ located all over the world
  • IP Full Internet:to open the VPN to the Internet
  • IP Live: to enable interactive video within an IP network, making it possible for customers to make videoconference calls to maximize company intercommunication, and reduce time and travel expenses
  • MULTIMEDIA:to enable VOIP calls among branches and HQs located all over the world, allowing customers to save significantly on on-net voice traffic, while gaining the efficiencies of a unified communication network
  • EVPL:to extend worldwide the corporate customer Local Area Network (LAN) thanks to a transparent Ethernet Layer 2 end-to-end connectivity
  • Mobility Solutions:to create remote connections to the public Internet with a single integrated mobility client, on all devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops, through over 2.200.000 WI-FI hot spots globally

Direct Link Abroad
A worldwide-managed bandwidth solution that allows customers to connect, permanently and exclusively, all their locations with digital links through dedicated international circuits (over new or traditional generation backbones).

Temporary Abroad
For customers who need fast and reliable temporary connectivity for a special event worldwide, TI Sparkle is the ideal partner to coordinate and manage all activities related to the provisioning and installation of temporary voice and data services abroad Italy.

Telecom Italia Sparkle will be responsible for coordinating and managing temporary communications provided worldwide thanks to the partnership with the main local Telco companies.

A team of qualified and experience professionals with the right skills to provide customers with all the needed support to offer fast and reliable service communications.

The service is available with the highest capillarity available in each country.

Temporary Abroad may be requested for a min. 1 day to a max. 6 month service duration. Services include:
  • IDD
  • ISDN
  • ADSL
  • Basic Phones
  • Router

Datasymphony Abroad
Our global outsourcing solution provides a unique interface for the provisioning, maintenance and management of customer networks and devices worldwide, allowing customers to focus on their core business. This offer is based on the excellent caring, assurance and consulting services supplied by Telecom Italia Group management center. Datasymphony Abroad outsourcing services include:

  • Worldwide router management
  • Security management
  • Worldwide equipment provisioning
  • Worldwide equipment maintenance
  • Backup solutions
  • Service level agreements
  • Skilled multi-language help desk

Data Center Abroad
Colocation and housing services targeting Customers who need an international state-of-the-art infrastructure with the best technology and security standard. TI Sparkle guarantees a global coverage thanks to proprietary infrastructures and agreements with local and regional Players.