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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
Value proposition

The IP Packet eXchange (IPX) is a next-generation platform able to guarantee high-quality end-to-end voice and mobile data services. Through a global, secure and private interconnection based on IP, the IPX solution is the most efficient way to run many different services on a single, converged interconnection.
TI Sparkle has been running a full IP softswitch multi-service network since 2004 with global MPLS capabilities. In addition, TI Sparkle is a co-founding member of the i3 Forum - an international body that develops guidelines for IP Interconnections - and it is contributing to the IPX model specifications within GSMA.
With this extensive experience, TI Sparkle is one of the first operators to successfully migrate its bilateral traffic to IP with the main global carriers and one of the first service providers to design an IPX solution compliant with i3 Forum and GSMA specifications. Within this context, TI Sparkle offers an IPX solution devised for both fixed and mobile operators and able to support existing and next-generation IP-based services.


Through a single, converged interconnection, TI Sparkle’s customers can access high-quality voice and mobile data services such as GRX evolution, Signaling service, SMS Transit/Hubbing and other innovative services including Instant Messaging, Presence and Videoshare amongst others (Mobile IPX). TI Sparkle IPX platform is able to support the development of new IP-based services and to guarantee a high level of interoperability with a worldwide reach between various service providers.

Product features
  • Single access to many different services
  • Integrated and secure IP interconnection
  • Bilateral and Hubbing connectivity options
  • Cascade payments
  • Management of different Classes of Services
  • Enhanced GRX solutions
  • Sigtran-based Signalling service
  • SMS Transit/Hubbing service
  • Voice termination
  • Voice E2E quality parameters measured and monitored on real traffic, with a full integration of CDRs generated by Softswitches and SBCs
  • CLI transparency and E2E monitoring, Roaming traffic support, Originally Called Number (OCN) and Re-Directing Number (RDN) support, fax support, break-out to TDM on customer’s demand.
  • Advanced Web based Reporting on Traffic and Quality