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Prepaid & Ethnic Services
Value proposition

The offer is geared to operators with a significant presence in an emerging country, resulting in a win-win partnership.
Through the solutions, the partner will be able to extend its market to the community of its country living or temporarily residing abroad, utilizing various kinds of international communication services. The potential partner is located in the country of origin of the ethnic community, providing Local Access Numbers, Local Distribution Channels, Local Termination and a recognized reliable brand. The available services are based on the concept of Community, i.e. a group of people who migrate away from their home country to live in communities, preserving their culture, language, customs and heritage. The features and the distribution of such services are defined just to emphasize the feeling of belonging and the cultural identity of these communities.

The partner may exploit the benefits of the powerful technological platform that is able to provide:
  • The management of any kind of pre-paid telecommunication services through an extremely flexible billing platform
  • The interconnection of the platform with MVNOs, financial top up operators, international airtime transfer hubs, etc.
  • A web sale proprietary platform interconnected with the billing platform
  • A set of powerful back-office tools the partner may use for billing reconciliation, customer care and sale trends analysis
  • A team of technicians able to develop the suitable customization of the platform
The partner will profit also of the hundreds of both TI Sparkle and TISM wholesale interconnections that provide international terminations at very high quality and low cost. Furthermore the partner may exploit the distribution channel in the developed countries with a retail reach of a few hundreds of thousands point of sales. The synergy through TI Sparkle and TISM allows for a 360° offer including, access numbers in each part of the world, customer care facilities, etc.


Each ethnic community is oriented towards different communication services, depending on its dominant social status, education level and customs. TI Sparkle and Telecom Italia San Marino are able to offer a wide range of communication services:
  • Conventional plastic calling cards, enabling class five telecommunication services, credit recharging via IVR, etc.
  • Rechargeable Virtual PIN, marketed through Internet with a web platform that can be customized offering end users all the necessary tools to manage their account (history of the calls, history of the purchases/recharges, CLI management, etc.)
  • Call shop solutions, using either payphones or VoIP solutions
  • Soft phone and retail VoIP services
  • Mobile services through MVNO solutions
  • International Airtime Transfer