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Sparkle - Glossary
SMS Anti Fraud
Value proposition

TI Sparkle Anti fraud service protects the mobile network through its filtering system which allows all approved traffic to pass through while blocking any unwanted messages


SMS Anti Fraud service provides mobile operators with all the necessary tools to monitor and block Fraud events on SM traffic.

Product features
  • Continuous and real time screening of the SM traffic routed to TI Sparkle's network
  • Service performed on a proprietary platform with access to 12 fraud indicators settled on pre-determinate thresholds
  • Customizable anti fraud KPIs through direct enquiry to TI Sparkle 24x7 contact service
  • On line KPI monitoring via dedicate web access
  • The service is fully compliant with the GSMA specifications listed on IR70 (SMS SS7 Fraud) and IR 71
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