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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
Value proposition

Turn key solution for outsourcing the production and transmission of the SMS BULK Report in the bilateral SMS Interworking Scenario (GSMA PRD AA19 scenario 1).


SMS Bulk Report File Solution offered by TI Sparkle allows the Customer to manage and outsource all the operational phases currently under its responsibility with reference to the production of the SMS Bulk Report file.
Solution applies to GSMA PRD AA.19 - scenario 1 whereby the Customer may act as APMN Operator (Sending Operator) or HPMN Operator (Receiving Operator).
The APMN sends SMS to HPMN’s subscribers in the HPMN network; HPMN charges the APMN for the delivery of such SMS based on the SMS Bulk files the HPMN produces containing the SMS traffic data.

Product features

  • Customer has to use TI Sparkle as SCCP carrier at least with the GSMA PRD AA19 interworking partners
  • TI Sparkle will segregate SMS traffic with zero impact on Customer side
  • Solution produce and distribute SMS Bulk Report File on behalf of the Customer acting as HPMN
  • Solution produce and distribute the SMS delivery reports on behalf of the Customer acting as APMN
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