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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
Roaming Hub
Value proposition

Single agreement with TI Sparkle Roaming Hub instantly gives the operator access to a multiplicity of Roaming Partners across the globe in a fully transparent mode. TI Sparkle wants to help and facilitate its customer in the adoption of the new concept for Roaming Hub Interworking as a “Cultural Step Forward” is required by the new services concept.


Roaming Hub allows a simple and cost-effective alternative solution to bilateral agreements for Voice and Data Roaming. With just one agreement and one connection Mobile Operators can offer Voice, CAMEL, SMS, GPRS and 3G services with the same quality of bilateral roaming and without the cost of implementing and managing multiple agreements.

Product features
  • Turnkey solution for launch of outbound/inbound roaming: fast realization of revenue
  • Service is in line with Open Connectivity guidelines set by GSMA
  • Solution enables all roaming services (Voice, SMS, GPRS, CAMEL, 3G) seamlessly
  • Single IMSI solution
  • Applicable to both Postpaid & Prepaid subscriber base
  • Support transparency as requested by GSMA Open Connectivity requirements for both VPMN and HPMN