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Sparkle - Glossary
Roaming Traffic Redirector
Value proposition

RTR service enables mobile operators to act on the knowledge of the location of an outbound roamer, and attempt to influence the network on which the roamer registers. The solution is installed in the TI Sparkle's signalling environment to enable redirection of an outbound roamer to a certain preferred network in the country where the roamer is located.
The aim is both to increase outbound roamers usage (ex. GPRS data or MMS) and minimize international roaming costs allowing mobile operators to leverage on volume discounts with Roaming Partners.


Roaming Traffic Redirector (RTR) service is an innovative solution that offers mobile operators to proactively contact their outbound roamers and influence the choice of networks on which they roam when overseas.

Product features
  • Country profile
  • Provisioning interface: On line customizable "preferred network list" via a dedicate web access
  • Subscriber class of service (e.g. Postpaid, Prepaid, MMS, GPRS, etc.)
  • Network selection mechanisms (i.e. Network list-based redirection)
  • Unique IMSI-based roaming distribution control
  • Support for GPRS roaming
  • Visited networks or IMSIs Black List
  • IMSIs White List
  • Handset setting and handling
  • Support for network with multiple MCC/MNC
  • VLR/SGSN based rejection mechanism
  • Cancel Location as reject mechanism
  • Roaming partner independence
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