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Content Acceleration Network
Value Proposition
Telecom Italia Sparkle, in partnership with CDNetworks, a top player global full-service content delivery network provider, provides advanced content delivery services, based on its state-of-the-art technologies, as well as extensive service expertise, and flexible business models to help your business effectively and efficiently manage and deliver content.
TI Sparkle is able to address more efficiently content delivery business needs for:
  • Corporations with large volume of files to be downloaded from a web portal;
  • Media companies with live and on demand streaming audio/video files to be viewed by the global community;
  • Enterprises who expect fast and immediate access to information on their web sites from a large number of end-users located around the world.
Taking advantage of TI Sparkle’s Content Acceleration Network services (CAN), Customers will experience lower latency, increased delivery speed and reliability. In particular, rich media content is delivered fast, safely, efficiently and seamlessly to end-users using thousands of high capacity edge servers and high-speed network infrastructure, even in the events of unexpected traffic spikes and network failure.
As a result, Customers are in the position to reduce scalability needs and IT operating costs while enabling in-depth business monitoring and improving overall efficiency.

Product Features
Our offer includes a large suite of solutions:

  • Delivery Services for the rich media environment:
    Media Streaming - stable delivery of high-resolution media files to a large number of users ensuring seamless media file delivery and file security.
    Media Live -
    stable delivery of high-resolution live broadcasts to a large number of concurrent users.
    Media Download - optimized high-quality media files in multiple formats to a large number of end-users around the world.
    File Download - optimized for efficient delivery of large content files, such as games and software installation files.
    Value added services for the safest delivery of your content:
    - Sparkle Auth - the authentication service designed to prevent illegal use and leakage of content transmitted during media streaming blocking illegal access from any unauthorized link to the content.
    - Sparkle Player - a Microsoft DirectShow® based player, exclusively for media, which fundamentally blocks the leakage of original content.-
    - Sparkle Downloader -
    a software designed exclusively for high capacity file downloading providing a visual downloading status to the end user, and diversified administrative functions to customers.
    - Sparkle DRM - developed with WMRM (Windows Media Rights Manager), Microsoft‘s DRM technology, the security service protects the intellectual property rights of content owners by preventing the illegal reproduction of digital contents and allows clients to easily and legally use digital contents for their content service providers

Acceleration Services
They improve stability by accelerating the web site loading speed and relieving web server load:
Web Acceleration - It improves web page response speeds on static and dynamic content, it also increase reliability and security of the web site through distributed processing technology;
Web Acceleration SSL - The user and site administrator can reduce SSL authentication encryption time by 3 times without a loss of performance.

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