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Cloud Solutions
Value proposition

TI Sparkle offers a suite of highly flexible and scalable Cloud Solutions that meet the ever growing need of cost efficient and top security IT managed solutions. Cloud Solutions are based on world’s top performing vendor technologies and provide customers with top class integrated IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services available in several DCs located worldwide. Fully owned Next Generation DCs are available in Italy, Turkey and Greece. Bundled offers with TI Sparkle connectivity make Cloud Solutions particularly effective to serve the needs of customers located in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Leveraging Telecom Italia Group technical expertise and management know-how, TI Sparkle’s Cloud Solutions support customers in tailoring and optimizing their IT architecture and cost of services. The offering includes top security and reliability, easy and fast implementation, a high level of scalability, great flexibility in service configuration as well as in contractual solutions. The TI Sparkle Cloud portfolio also includes:
  • Co-location/Housing: Premier Data Centers give customers the most advanced and conditioned facilities with state-of-the-art security, performance and reliability. The service allows customers to rent space, ranging from partial to full rack, according to their requirements for power and environmental systems, and combine it with Tier 1 network capabilities. Additional services such as storage and backup are available as part of the integrated IaaS architecture in some DCs

  • Physical Hosting: Hardware and operating system options, all provisioned in Premier Data Center facilities, provide businesses with a highly reliable IT foundation, upon which they can base their service infrastructure. With the option of multiple hardware platforms, customers can easily customize configurations to their real needs. Each configuration is built, tested and deployed by highly skilled and experienced staff and includes administrative access privileges, dedicated IP addresses and a minimum fixed monthly bandwidth allocation. Physical Hosting solutions consist of the rental and management of servers, network, storage and security infrastructure. The service also includes the design of the most appropriate architecture based on customers’ requirements

  • Virtual Hosting: Based on Telecom Italia Group’s vast expertise in the business, this Virtual Hosting solution leverages a best-in-class architecture built from most recent technologies in order to bring organizations real economic and operational benefits. Virtual Hosting solutions allow for rapid, precise and dynamic allocation of computing resources when and where needed, thanks to its proven Utility Computing platform, massive and diverse network connectivity available at the Data Centers. Virtual Hosting also includes all needed support services for its deployment including monitoring, backup, storage, security, operating systems and applications management

  • Security Services: TI Sparkle Disaster Recovery proposition targets Customers with sensitive data and/or business continuity needs, allowing to host both customer’s data as well as the operational and the applicative environments, thus granting service continuity in case of fault of the original site. TI Sparkle Strong Authentication targets customers demanding effective next-generation solutions for authentication and fraud management as it reduces online fraud and abuse, protects the corporate brand as well as the customers by exploiting native GSM/UMTS network features when authenticating the user and securely transmitting information and instructions