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About Us

TI Sparkle Greece S.A., formerly known as Mediterranean Nautilus Greece S.A., is part of Sparkle Group, a leading global telecommunication provider of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Voice solutions through a state-of-the-art- backbone of over 540,000 kilometers worldwide. 

Sparkle’s Mediterranean submarine network spans over a distance of approximately 11,000 km linking Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Israel. Throughout these countries and specifically in the cities of Catania, Athens (Metamorfosis and Koropi), Chania, and Istanbul, our company has privately owned Data Centers.

Sparkle Greece manages and operates the whole infrastructure within Greece, that is the backbone as well as the three Data Centers of Metamorfosis and Koropi in Athens and Chania in Crete. 

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Our Platform


Value proposition

Enterprises have more and more changing needs when it comes to their Wide Area Networks (WANs). Bandwidth-intensive, business-critical applications require the intelligent routing of traffic through multiple WAN links to optimize cost.

Sparkle SD-WAN managed solutions support customers to find more efficient and lower-cost methods to add new network connections for the increasing number of branch offices and remote users. The increasing use of cloud services and applications by enterprises calls for more secure and reliable network connectivity through public broadband.


  • Application performance optimization over hybrid WAN
  • Available on Sparkle’s global IP VPN Suite Platform and fully integrated with major cloud players (Microsoft Azure & AWS)
  • Automated service management and policy-based routing controller
  • More secure and reliable network connectivity through public broadband

Sparkle SD-WAN. We fully manage your network, you fully control your applications and content.

Our Network

The Sparkle Greece network is identified as Aegean Network and comprises a portion of Sparkle’s Mediterranean Submarine Network. 

Specifically, the Aegean network has three landing points - Aghia Marina, Vravrona and Chania - and two landing stations in Koropi and Chania, Crete. In a ring configuration, the backbone is fully protected and with a guaranteed availability of 99,99%.

In the area of Attica, the Koropi landing station is interconnected with the Metamorfosis Data Center through a double routing fiber-optic connection. Our Metamorfosis, Koropi and Chania Data Centers comprise the perfectly monitored facilities where our clients can co-locate their IT and telecommunications equipment.


03 April 2019     

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