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Vivida for Covid-19 Emergency

Value proposition

Create in few days dedicated and highly effective Icons, Banners and Pop-Up Panels providing info, links and directions, “floating” on top of existing websites and/or portals.

  • OverBrowser® and its options show up ON TOP of any content
  • Companies and Agencies get immediate attention
  • Users find the COVID-19 Information in the easiest way


Vivida adds to the website or portal software code and link to cloud service to provide the OverBrowser® effect, which means injecting on top of the page Vivida Spaces (HTML5 content in the form of Banners, Icons and pop-up Panels) to increase visibility and engagement of the pages and, for the Covid-19 emergency, to provide top emphasys on the emergency-related information. In less than one week, when content is available and the look&feel is agreed, the service is activated.

Product features

The users (with any device) of the “injected” websites/portals are engaged by “floating” elements:

  • banner - the webpage is shifted down of n pixel to show clickable banners (ie: links to COVID webpages)
  • rotating Icon, multiface (ie: logo of the customer / hand washing / Health Agency) float on the webpage
  • panel - User’s clicks or Customer Push will pop-up a Panel, with the preferred size and design; this will contain videos, news, contents and links related to the emergency

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