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About Us

TI Sparkle Greece S.A. is part of Sparkle Group, a leading global telecommunication provider offering a full range of ICT solutions, global connectivity, services and capabilities through a state-of-the-art- backbone of over 600,000 kilometers worldwide. 

Sparkle’s Mediterranean submarine network spans over a distance of approximately 11,000 km linking Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Israel. Throughout these countries and specifically in the cities of Catania, Athens (Metamorfosis and Koropi), Chania, and Istanbul, our company has privately owned Data Centers.

Sparkle Greece manages and operates the whole infrastructure within Greece, that is the backbone as well as the four Data Centers of Metamorfosis, Metamorfosis II and Koropi in Athens and Chania in Crete. 

Download PDF - Greece Data Centers Leaflet

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Our Platform


Value proposition

Enterprises have more and more changing needs when it comes to their Wide Area Networks (WANs). The emerging trends of remote working and digital transformation require new flexible and secure network solutions. The increasing  number of branches and work locations and the adoption of cloud services by enterprises call for more dynamic, reliable and cost-effective networks through secure hybrid broadband connectivity. 

SD-WAN is the new network paradigm that applies the Software Define Networking (SDN) approach to WAN in order to simplify the network deployment and management through application driven policies and routing.

Sparkle multi-technology SD-WAN managed solutions support customers to evolve their traditional networks to new connectivity models, providing global reach, with low-latency connections and direct routes to the biggest cloud providers. Through a variety of management options Sparkle can enable customer to smoothly migrate to the SD-WAN paradigm.


Sparkle multi-technology SD-WAN proposal allows customer to chose the best solution their connectivity needs leveraging different characteristics of the most relevant SD-WAN products in the market.

Sparkle SD-WAN offer is a flexible and modular solution encompassing both single WAN components (SD-WAN Edge, Overlay systems, Underlay connectivity) and end-to-end fully managed solution.

We support customers in their transformation journey from traditional WAN to SD-WAN architectures and paradigms leveraging our end-to-end networking and security skills from international NOC and SOC.

We provide our SD-WAN customers with the best management, orchestration and monitoring offers, tailoring the  control services to the customer needs – they will be able to co-run their networks with Sparkle, while skilling-up on SD-WAN.

Sparkle SD-WAN customers will be able to benefit from SD-WAN application-based routing while choosing the most suitable worldwide hybrid WAN underlay as transport layer (MPLS, Dedicated Internet Access, Broadband Internet Access). 

Sparkle SD-WAN solution leverages both fix and wireless access technologies (4G/5G cellular access):

  • to speed up deployment time
  • to diversify primary/backup connectivity paths
  • to connect customer sites in hard-to-reach areas or with temporary connectivity

Sparkle’s SD-WAN solution is fully integrated with connectivity and access to major cloud players (Google, Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.).


  • Flexible any-to-any connectivity
  • Application-aware routing
  • TCO reduction
  • Simplification - reduced TTM
  • Distributed Security
  • Network control - self management 




Our Network

The Sparkle Greece network is identified as Aegean Network and comprises a portion of Sparkle’s Mediterranean Submarine Network. 

Specifically, the Aegean network has three landing points - Aghia Marina, Vravrona and Chania - and two landing stations in Koropi and Chania, Crete. In a ring configuration, the backbone is fully protected and with a guaranteed availability of 99,99%.

In the area of Attica, the Koropi landing station is interconnected with the Metamorfosis Data Center through a double routing fiber-optic connection. Our Metamorfosis, Koropi and Chania Data Centers comprise the perfectly monitored facilities where our clients can co-locate their IT and telecommunications equipment.


03 April 2019     

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