Sparkle Greece

About Us

TI Sparkle Greece S.A., formerly known as Mediterranean Nautilus Greece S.A., is part of Sparkle Group, a leading global telecommunication provider of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Voice solutions through a state-of-the-art- backbone of around 560.000 kilometers worldwide. 

Sparkle’s Mediterranean submarine network spans over a distance of approximately 6000 km. linking Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Israel. Throughout these countries and specifically in the cities of Catania, Athens (Metamorphosis and Koropi), Chania, and Istanbul, our company has privately owned Data Centers.

Sparkle Greece manages and operates the whole infrastructure within Greece, that is the backbone as well as the three Data Centers of Metamorphosis and Koropi in Athens and Chania in Crete. 

Our Platform

Corporate Platform

Looking for a wide range of solutions aimed at serving the needs of corporate customers, including global connectivity and ICT Solutions? Sparkle’s services can be provided to enterprises directly or via partners. Partners can serve their customers by complementing their own service propositions and coverage through specific solutions provided via NNIs or by means of white label service platforms.

A complete portfolio of connectivity services,  ranging from entry-level solutions for small and medium enterprises, to business continuity solutions offering the highest level of service performance. Innovation, convergence, flexibility, quality, cost efficiency and global coverage are our top priorities for customers around the world.

Broadcasters Solutions

A comprehensive portfolio of services targeting the broadcasters’ ecosystems, that offers highly scalable end-to-end solutions with premium quality video transport.

Temporary communications access isare available for operators looking for a solution thatto provides voice and Internet services to media and other public utilities, for in case of exhibitions, congresses conferences and major political, social and sport events.
For customers who need fast, reliable, temporary connectivity in Italy for a special event, Sparkle is the ideal partner to coordinate and manage all activities related to the provisioning and installation of temporary voice and data services.

Our Network

The Sparkle Greece network is identified as Aegean Network and comprises a portion of Sparkle’s Mediterranean Submarine Network. 

Specifically, the Aegean network has three landing points - Aghia Marina, Vravrona and Chania - and two landing stations in Koropi and Chania, Crete. In a ring configuration, the backbone is fully protected and with a guaranteed availability of 99,99%.

In the area of Attica, the Koropi landing station is interconnected with the Metamorphosis Data Center through a double routing fiber-optic connection. Our Metamorphosis, Koropi and Chania Data Centers comprise the perfectly monitored facilities where our clients can co-locate their IT and telecommunications equipment.

24 March 2017     

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