Our Platform

IP&Data Platform

A complete range of solutions designed to access any content on the Internet with secure global international IP connectivity, high-performance international bandwidth and IP MPLS services.

Cloud & Data Center Platform

Suite of highly flexible and scalable top class integrated IaaS, PaaS and SaaS that meets the ever growing need of cost efficient and top security IT solutions available in several Data Centers worldwide, with proprietary key assets in Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Corporate Platform

Complete portfolio of services, including global connectivity and ICT, aimed at serving the needs of corporate customers with the highest performance level.

Mobile Platform

A distinctive portfolio designed to support the operations of mobile operators to rapidly increase international mobile coverage and usage, generate new revenue streams and minimize service set up and management costs.

Voice Platform

Voice Solutions offer worldwide voice capabilities to Carriers, Service Providers and Mobile Operators combining network reliability, competitive pricing and excellent routing solutions.

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Sicily Hub

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Omnichannel Suite

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Iot Integrator

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