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Value proposition

The progressive adoption of cloud computing by corporate organizations has led to an evolution in their need for network infrastructure. In the past server farms were hosted “in-house” in proprietary data centers, nowadays they tend to virtualize their applications into key neutral exchange points, reached through reliable and secure connectivity.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) enables disaster recovery solutions between the customer IT environment and an alternative DR Site on Sparkle DC cloud infrastructure.


Sparkle DRaaS leverages on Zerto Virtual Replication technology, the industry’s first hypervisor-based replication solution for VMware environments. The benefits of virtualization are well known and include increased efficiency, flexibility, and savings in space, equipment, and energy costs. Hypervisor-based replication enables many of these benefits to be fully realized.

Therefore traditional DR can start up applications once a disaster is identified. In addition to recovery, DRaaS enables business continuity features such as:

  • RPO from 5’ to 30’; RTO of 2 hours
  • Hypervisor-based DR enabling automated data recovery without any storage configuration needs and agent installation on guest systems requirements
  • Centralized management between primary and secondary sites

Product features

Other special features are:

  • Multi-site: easy replication between more than one site
  • Multitenant: centralized and simplified management of all virtual data centers with full integration with VMware vCloud Director
  • HW Array agnostic: all vendor storage arrays supported (reproduction of any customer environment regardless of the storage vendor or architecture)
  • Cost saving: leverage on Sparkle’s cloud environment to achieve economies of scale
  • Ready for service: remote installation in a few hours without requiring any changes to the customer environment
  • Granular: transparent application of this solution regardless of the physical server or storage location of the customer
  • Consistent and reliable: scalable, block-level replication with minimum values of RPO and RTO
  • Transparent access to market-leading cloud ecosystems
  • Cloud Connect extends customer networks into the cloud capabilities of the most important cloud providers using a private connection
  • With Cloud Connect, customers can establish private connectivity to multi-player cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure (AWS) and Google

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