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Cloud Competence Center

Value proposition

If there is a need for managed services on Cloud services, Sparkle’s Competence center will perform common administrative functions on Customers’ behalf, especially on VMware environment in selected countries (Italy, Greece and Turkey), allowing enterprises to focus on their core business.


  • OS Management + 1st Level Monitoring:
    • The network-monitoring programs and the services requested by the customer will be under control 24/7 and the customer will be informed via e-mail and/or SMS by an alarm generated in case of service failures. In this event, related actions will be taken by our competence center
    • The required "security patch + hof-fix + service pack" will be installed on the server
    • Server logs will be reviewed weekly and the necessary actions will be taken
    • Server performance will be checked monthly and the necessary actions will be taken
    • The services running on the server (IIS, SMTP, FTP, etc.) will be managed
  • Database Management (MYSQL, MSSQL)
    • Security and performance tuning on SQL software
    • Creation of databases
    • User management on SQL (user opening, closing, determination of users' authorization levels)
    • SQL Database restore, attach and replication operations
  • Customer Firewall Management
    • Firewall in the management service context: the client servers will be hosted behind a firewall and the non-urgent security rules (such as NAT, VPN, port ON / OFF etc.) will be requested through our competence center
  • Load Balancer Management
    • Client servers in the Load Balancer management service content (Citrix Netscaler)
    • Managed load balancer devices and the Load Balancer rules requested by the customer are maintained by our competence center

Product features

Main Professional/Managed supported services in pills:

  • OS Management
    • Windows/Linux
  • DB Management
    • MS SQL / MYSQL
  • Network and Security Management
    • Firewall / Load Balancer / IPS-IDS / DDOS / Antivirus service
  • Monitoring
    • Server and Service Monitoring • Backup Services

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