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Value proposition

In the IoT landscape, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) segment is expected to face a huge growth due to its ability to transform industries and open new markets. Nowadays, however, one of the biggest challenges in IoT adoption is to simplify the complexities related to interconnecting things and connecting them to new or existing applications. The current lack of standard in interfaces, protocols and architectures is slowing down the implementation time of IoT applications in the market. Sparkle’s solution IoT Catalyst® tackles the IoT complexity challenge directly by simplifying, streamlining and accele- rating the communication flow between things an other platforms, legacy applications and third party systems, thus allowing entities like manufacturing and utility companies to become part of the new Industry 4.0 paradigm, as well as large telecommunication companies, service providers and system integrators to lead the fourth industrial revolution.

A New Innovative Solution

Sparkle IoT integrator allows to design, implement, protect,and manage the IoT integration logic, guaranteeing fast and secure integration of any sensor, device, and/or PLC to any application or IoT platform. It makes it possible to design new IoT Edge Applications, securely store them in a central repository and then select and dispatch them on demand to computation devices installed at the edges of the network.

Customer Benefits

Through our edge computing platform IoT Catalyst® and thanks to our expertise as an E2E solution provider, we support our customers in the design, roll-out and operation of their IoT systems, with the final objective of achieving additional control, efficiency and savings in the management of complex networks, infrastructures and industrial plants. Sparkle’s solution can guarantee to customers:

  • a state-of-the-art editor that allows fast and secure integration of any sensor, device and PLC to any application or IoT Platform
  • unlimited scalability, machine learning and predictive analytics
  • IoT platform independence: it is possible to associate any device with one click to any IoT Platform (AWS, MS Azure, ...). Customers are free to change their IoT Platform saving investment at any time
  • new revenue stream: it is possible to use the same IoT infrastructure to both serve internal needs and provide IoT hosting services to partners or customers in a secure way, allowing users to deploy a more effective IoT architecture (Silos-free), as shown in the following figure:

The Advantages of IoT CATALYST®

A unique solution for different needs

From Industry 4.0 to smart buildings, from connected telco towers to IoT-based energy metering, our solutions can be applied in any case a set of fragmented IoT data requires high-level advisory, architectural design, integration with enterprise systems, project governance and fast application development and delivery.

Open Ecosystem Platform Independent

Sparkle IoT integrator helps to standardize the communication between “things” and any IoT Platform, thus allowing to create a fast-growing public/private/ cooperative ecosystem of supported devices. IoT Catalyst® manages the IoT avoiding the risk of over-dependence on IoT solution providers, since it decouples the concept of IoT Domain from that of IoT Platform. Users can easily create, populate and manage their IoT Domain in an independent way in respect of any IoT Platform.

IoT architecture design

IoT architectures — the way things, sensors, servers or cloud infrastructures, data, networks, software and people interact — are the beating heart of smart applications and the point where data become insights, smart decisions and value. Designing IoT architectures will be simple with our solution, thanks to our unique competences as an E2E solution provider.


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