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Value proposition

Sparkle provides Cloud services across multiple public and private platforms thanks to a multitenant environment including an automated management console to target direct and indirect customers.


The new cloud infrastructure service is based on VMWare vCloud Director over a hyper convergent platform (Nutanix). 
Customers can choose from on-premises Sparkle’s VMWare vCloud Director services, running on the powerful hyper-convergent Nutanix infrastructure, or from Amazon Web Services (AWS) which extend customers’ on-premises IT infrastructure to the public cloud.
Sparkle’s vCloud Director offers Pay-as-You-go services so that the customer’s IT infrastructure can grow according to its business needs. Through our Allocation Pool service, customers can better control their monthly IT costs.
A wide choice of software solutions from a growing catalog of SaaS is available within the Suite, including backup, antivirus, and office automation tools.
Customers can extend their on-premises infrastructure with the extensive AWS catalog of public cloud services.
Sparkle Cloud Connect will link customers’ on-premises cloud facilities to the major public cloud providers, with L2 and L3 private connectivity.

Product features

With Odin Automation, the next-generation digital and cloud services platform, customers can manage the whole cloud automation process, from self-provisioning to billing and cost control, through a very user-friendly control panel. 
With AWS public cloud services, customers can extend globally the power of Sparkle’s on-premises IaaS solutions available in Greece and Turkey, as Sparkle resells Amazon Web Services in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Israel.
CloudChecker simplifies and optimizes customers’ public cloud cost allocation.
The suite automates every aspect of cloud as well as that of anyXaaS services delivery management, including service orchestration and subscription management, cloud marketplace, billing automation and reseller management.

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