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Value proposition

All of us - small, medium or large Companies - need to actively operate in the digital arena and support the growth of our online business. Sparkle Omnichannel Suite combines Digital Marketing Services and Digital Marketing Tools to implement and manage marketing campaigns focused to: Generate new leads for your business, Nurture leads in time and convert them into paying customers, Engage current customers with relevant content and offers to increase loyalty.


Sparkle Omnichannel Suite features several innovations including the possibility to communicate over different channels - email, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber - and be integrated with any additional channel upon request, to reach your customers anywhere, anytime. In addition, two features, Campaign Automation and Hyper Segmentation, allow the delivery of the most relevant communication or promotion even to each single customer, in a totally automated way.

Product features

  • Fully Managed Solution: Sparkle will manage the entire marketing process on behalf of its clients using periodic reporting and interactions to coordinate projects and align goals 
  • Content Management: it is possible to create all necessary content with the editor module inside the platform (SMS, Mail etc.)
  • Automation: an innovative feature that allows the design of workflows to automate communications to customers according to their actions and behaviors
  • Segmentation: reach each single client with personalized promotions and messages completely customized and relevant, for high redemption rates.
  • Campaign Manager: the platform allows planning, scheduling and monitoring all campaigns results to optimize performance over time
  • Channel Manager: reach your customers anywhere anytime, by using inbuilt channels or integrate the new or most used and locally available messaging services
  • No IT needs: our solution can be immediately adopted by Marketing and Communication Departments with no need to involve IT.
  • Multilanguage: the platform is available in several most common languages

Sparkle Omnichannel

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