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Global Partner offers structured consulting capabilities by sharing TIM Group's (formerly Telecom Italia Group) key assets and competences. Leveraging its wide experience with international subsidiaries and customers worldwide, Global Partner’s cooperation model is highly pragmatic, flexible and aims to guarantee a timely “back to work” approach. 


Unlike traditional consulting firms, Global Partner offers its extensive «hands-on» expertise directly, through highly skilled line managers and experts with a multi-cultural approach. Leveraging TIM’s proven cutting-edge business processes throughout the value chain, with in-house development & customization capabilities, a wide portfolio covering all customer segments as well as a network of partners worldwide. Areas of excellence include 

  • LTE & Roaming 
    Best in class technologies, over €4.5bn investments in ultra-broadband in the next two years and 110 LTE roaming agreements in 60 countries worldwide. VoLTE Roaming to be launched 3Q of 2017 
  • OTT & Multimedia
    Over-The-Top platform enabling delivery of Multimedia Content (VOD, live TV, music, e-books, games) through different devices (Set-Top-Boxes, Smart TVs, Smartphones/Tablets, Web, Windows 10 PCs, Gaming Consoles)
  • Broadband VAS
    Innovative broadband and cloud solutions and modular packages that can be tailored to the stage of digital development that meets customers’ growing demand for integration and personalization
  • Cloud & Data Center
    Highly scalable and flexible IaaS; secure, robust and scalable Cloud Storage, Backup and DRaaS solutions; self-management capabilities for Customers & Partners; advanced SaaS ; Colo and Hosting capabilities, fully integrated with Sparkle’s network services worldwide; Regional NGDCs (Next Generation DCs) in the Mediterranean 
  • Digital Agenda & Transformation
    Enabling a digital ecosystem that meets social needs in accordance with the key principles of the Digital Agenda. Supporting the acceleration of the digitalization process and the development of  digital citizenship by providing smart services in several sectors
  • Smart City & IoT
    Commitment to promoting sustainability through commercial offering and innovation activities and increasing experience in developing and implementing Smart City Infrastructures, with specific reference to, Mobility, Health, Quality of Life and Energy & Green
  • R&D
    With over 50 years of experience, TI Lab drives TIM’s technological innovation through the pioneering of new technologies, the development and engineering of services, the design and implementation of application platforms, network platforms and network management systems as well as the testing of equipment, devices and solutions


Benefits of Global Partner’s approach include: 

  • Revenue increase 
  • Shorter time-to-market 
  • Improved efficiency 
  • Better quality of service 
  • Innovation of best practice

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