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Value proposition

Applications running on Enterprise Resource Planning systems can delegate tasks directly to memory instead of disks: the information is well-preserved and analyzed in ERP Infrastructure, rather than stored in static tables within traditional databases.
Sparkle ERP Infrastructure solutions are deployed in Sparkle DCs, combining the advantages of ERP systems with the cloud-based model that delivers them to its customers, leveraging on the collaboration with IBM, a SAP Certified hardware vendor.


Sparkle ERP Infrastructure solutions are based on a cloud platform allowing enterprises to process high volumes of data in real time, accelerating business processes and simplifying its own IT environment without capex investments, using instead a cloud service available on a monthly subscription. 

Sparkle ERP Infrastructure solutions, currently available in our proprietary Data Center in Greece,  are able to process high volumes of data in real time, thus accelerating business processes, delivering business intelligence analysis and simplifying the IT environment. Our solution is an effective combination of software and hardware on which ad-hoc applications, traditional ERP and business intelligence systems such as SAP HANA coexist.
ERP Infrastructure Solutions for SAP HANA are provided via a monthly subscription, allowing customers to exploit their own SAP HANA licenses that will be deployed on their cloud-based ERP Infrastructure Solutions for SAP HANA by Sparkle along with SAP HANA software provisioning.
Supported use cases: Production and non-production environment (HA/DEV/QA)
Licensing: Bring Your Own License
RAM Memory: Scale-up up to 2 TB 

Product features

Through Sparkle’s solution, customers can quickly deploy and manage their existing ERP Infrastructure licenses without any HW investment, set-up the time and get a number of additional benefit such as:

  • Instant Time to market, which makes it a ready-to-use solution 
  • Cost reduction, like IT resources for ERP Infrastructure, are provided in “as a service” model
  • Scalable IT infrastructure
  • Full leverage of ERP Infrastructure licenses and costs

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