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Value proposition

Sparkle provides high-performance SAP-certified infrastructure for next-generation Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Systems. With Sparkle's SAP HANA cloud-based platform, companies of all sizes can run SAP applications in a secure and reliable cloud environment that features enterprise-grade SLAs, integrated state-of-the-art cloud and connectivity services and local engineering support.


Sparkle SAP-certified ERP Infrastructure Solution, which is available in our Greece and Turkey data centers with local engineering support, offers an enterprise ready pre-sized and pre-configured computing environment, virtualization, storage and networking services. The cloud-based offerings with monthly subscription models reduce maintenance costs and improve flexibility for enterprises.

  • Increased business agility and faster time to market. A cloud-based solution enables fast deployment, supports dynamic business needs and accelerates enterprises' digital transformation.
  • Lower total cost of ownership. A fully managed ERP Infrastructure platform that makes deployment, configuration, and maintenance simpler and faster. With a subscription-based model, no upfront cost or initial investment, enterprises can focus on business value creation by transitioning from capital expense to operating expenses.
  • Scale on demand. Scale out SAP HANA production and non-production capabilities with agility and cost savings for test environments with integrated Sparkle cloud services.
  • Security and reliability. Trusted, transparent and certified operations including high availability and disaster recovery services with enterprise-grade SLAs.

Product features

  • Accelerate enterprises' digital transformation. Instant time to market with Sparkle ready-to use cloud-based SAP-certified solution.
  • Cost-savings and cost-effective options. Reduce capital expenses and controlling costs of DEV/test environments and capacity for new projects with scale-on-demand platform.
  • Simple and easy management. Manage SAP workloads in Sparkle's ERP Infrastructure Platform with the same control and flexibility as on-premises systems.
  • Supports migration to SAP HANA. Upgrade on-premises SAP applications to SAP HANA for intelligent computing and next-generation business analytics including Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and AI applications.

ERP Infrastructure Solution, SAP HANA use case scenarios

Sparkle’s solution covers all mission-critical SAP enterprise applications from SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA.

Enterprises can develop, provision and manage SAP’s pervasive platform, SAP NetWeaver products such as SAP Business Suite applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, and SRM), SAP Business Warehouse (BW), and other SAP enterprise solutions on Sparkle certified ERP Infrastructure Platform.


Sparkle's SAP-certified ERP Infrastructure solution is built for SAP HANA workloads. The high-performance platform enables enterprises to be more agile and make real-time business decisions with parallel execution capabilities of SAP HANA, which is a single data platform that serves both transactional and analytical workloads delivering in-memory analytics on live transactions without data duplication.

While supporting all SAP HANA use case scenarios running on-premises across production, development and test scenarios, enterprises can improve business processes, deliver more business intelligence and simplify their IT environment by taking advantage of Sparkle's integrated cloud services.

  • Virtual Machines, Production Environment. Sparkle offers a variety of virtual machine configurations including SUSE Linux Enterprise OS license from small to large memory sizes certified for SAP HANA or SAP NetWeaver
  • Dev-Test and Quality Assurance environments, Non-Production Environments. Sparkle provides development and test environments on scalable, flexible and on-demand infrastructure
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services. ERP Infrastructure Solution, SAP HANA High Availability and Disaster Recovery services provide resilient architecture with active and standby systems for enterprises that require high data security and availability for their mission-critical systems. Sparkle utilizes SAP HANA high-availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities including SAP HANA system replication to a separate SAP HANA platform, and the host auto-failover feature to recover from the failure of the primary SAP HANA system
  • Backup Services. Enterprises can backup and restore their SAP data in Sparkle's cloud-based ERP Infrastructure Platform with SAP tools and reliable, secure and cost-effective integrated Sparkle cloud backup services Notes: • Sparkle does not provide or resell SAP licenses. Customers must provide and apply all corresponding SAP software to the ERP infrastructure solution on a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model • Sparkle does not provide managed services for SAP workloads on the ERP infrastructure solution, and managed services can be contracted through the ecosystem of the SAP certified partners

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