Corporate Platform

Broadcasting Connect

Value proposition

Sparkle Broadcasting Connect, a robust Carrier Ethernet certified connectivity offering that supports media companies, content distributors, TV platforms players and Financial institutes, with specific service attributes and performance requirements.


  • High-performing, private and secure Carrier Ethernet connectivity
  • Based on Sparkle’s MEF certified Carrier Ethernet backbone
  • Ethernet service type (E-LINE) with point-to-point & point-to-multipoint model
  • Service Features: L2 Protocol Transparency, Jumbo Frames (MTU=9000), Class of Service (CoS) capabilities and Real Time Performance (jitter, Latency)

Product features

Offered under the Networking Solutions Service Portfolio - Ethernet Suite - Broadcasting Connect provides latency-sensitive data connectivity between two or more end points, with specific Service characteristic such as  L2 Protocol Transparency, Jumbo Frames (up to 9000 MTU), Class of Service (CoS) capabilities and Real Time Performance (jitter, Latency).

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