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The Cyber Security Training Platform simulates networks, traffic and threats over virtual machines, can simulate additional appliances and hardware to exactly represent company networks. The simulated network is injected with traffic, simulating typical activity such as user web-surfing, emails, and server communications. In addition, real-life attack scenarios are injected into the network, using the Cyber Security Training Platform predefined attack scenario library as well as custom-built scenarios. Trainees are scored as they identify, investigate, respond and remediate threats and reach predefined session goals. The session is recorded and documented on a timeline, to be later replayed and reviewed in a debriefing session. Trainees’ skills and capabilities are evaluated for further reference and training. Every session can be rolled-back and repeated. The Cyber Security Training Platform provides IT and OT network simulation with physical OT hardware, and supports both individual and team training.

Value proposition

  • Market leader
  • Hyper realistic simulator
  • Improve team skills
  • Complete your training program
  • Multiple roles to train
  • Revenue generator
  • Fully customizable to fit customer needs
  • Mirror customer network environment

The course includes both the technical and operational aspects of incident investigation. On the technical side, the trainees will learn about tools and techniques used to investigate the network, and will practice the usage of these tools on the virtual environment. On the operational side, the trainees will learn about working as a team, dividing the tasks of monitoring and investigating between the different team members, drawing conclusions from the gathered information and applying mitigation processes.

Our solution is provided in partnership with Cyberbit and we’re worldwide resellers of courses and of the platform including professional services.

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