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Value proposition

Sparkle provides eHealth solutions including remote patient monitoring and management of radiographic images for teleconsultation, leveraging on its highly reliable infrastructures combined with advanced applications from leading global partners. Sparkle’s eHealth solutions can be tailored also considering the specific countries were the service needs to be rendered.


  • Sparkle offers RPMM - Remote Patient Monitoring Management - services that reduce the length of hospital stays through rapid and safe discharge with greater patient serenity, improving clinical results through early diagnosis
  • Sparkle proposes RIMS - Remote Image Management System - services that speed up medical consultation, reduce the length of hospital stays and the overall costs

Product Features

  • Sparkle Home Doctor's RPMM service is the Cloud-based remote solution that allows the monitoring of the main vital parameters (ECG, Glycemia, Oximetry, etc.), in order to manage patients remotely; the physiological parameters, detected through a medical device, are automatically transmitted via a clinical app available on both smartphones and tablets to the platform, which can be accessed from any workstation by previously profiled health personnel, so that they can evaluate the adequacy of the measures implemented, interact with the patient or modify treatment plans, if needed
  • SPARKLE's RIMS services are offered through a multimedia platform that supports the medical teleconsultation workflow and the exchange of a wide range of documents, images, videos and patient data including high-resolution medical waveforms

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