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Value proposition

  • Sparkle provides eHealth solutions on its own PaaS infrastructure, enabling remote monitoring and control of patients as well as other health activities through specific applications that can be integrated with the platform
  • Sparkle uses its highly reliable and secure infrastructures to combine them with global partners’ advanced applications. Therefore Sparkle's eHealth solutions can be customized safeguarding service security and control based on different countries' needs and regulations
  • The complete Sparkle service portfolio is aimed at the health ecosystem with a specific focus on hospitals, public health departments, specialist medical laboratories, pharmacies and insurance companies that must serve their patients and clients


  • Sparkle, through its Home Doctor platform, offers RPMM - Remote Patient Monitoring Management - with a suite of services that support preventive healthcare in surgeries, pharmacies and medical centers and post-operative monitoring of surgical patients at home
  • Sparkle Home Doctor platform provides a suite of services that can reduce patient stays in the hospital and allow for a rapid and safe discharge, improving patient serenity and guaranteeing medical care continuity through continuous monitoring of medical parameters

Product Features

  • The Sparkle RPMM service, available on the Home Doctor platform, is the cloud-based remote solution that allows monitoring of the main vital parameters (ECG, blood glucose, oximetry, etc.), in order to remotely manage patients
  • The physiological parameters, detected through a medical device, are automatically transmitted through a clinical app (available both on smartphone and tablet) to the platform
  • Health Care professionals assess the adequacy of the measured medical parameters, confirming or changing patient treatment plans

Download Sparkle’s Home Doctor Brochure - English Version

Download Sparkle’s Home Doctor Brochure - French Version

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