Enterprise Platform

Seabone Connect

Value proposition

Sparkle Seabone Connect targets ISPs, content providers and accelerators that need to use their Seabone port also as the end-point of a certain Ethernet Suite Service, in order to further optimize their TCO network costs (ports and cabling).


  • Simple, flexible and transparent international Ethernet connectivity
  • Maximum optimization of customer total network costs
  • Ethernet service type (E-LINE) with point-to-point & point-to-multipoint model
  • Based on Sparkle’s MEF certified Carrier Ethernet backbone
  • Offered under the standard Ethernet Suite Service portfolio

Product features

Ethernet Suite Connectivity service provides private connectivity from a certain Seabone port to a customer location or between various Seabone ports. Seabone Connect neither resells the “Seabone Service” nor includes an Internet access service.

For point-to-multipoint (EVPL) connections, the Ethernet Suite solution allows customers to connect one single port to multiple locations optimizing traffic and (port) infrastructure, and further reducing the total cost of ownership.


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