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Value proposition

Sparkle and Persidera, a leading independent TV broadcast network operator in Italy, jointly addresses the broadcaster’s ecosystem offering Value-Added Video solutions for national and international TV players.


Sparkle offers playout and media asset management services together with high-quality diffusion services based on proprietary multiplexes in Italy to broadcasters, content providers, final diffusion networks and video-specialized operators.

Product features

  • Playout: 2 state-of-the-art Playout centers able to provide broadcasters with a full range of services that support channel origination, including advanced graphics, subtitling, SD simulcast and time-shift
  • Media Asset Management services: A comprehensive media asset management and storage solution that organizes, unifies and coordinates every aspect of the production activity. MAM platform is based on the world’s best performing vendor technologies 
  • Head End: IP-based state-of-the-art Head End (HE) able to handle all formats of contribution signals (ASI, SDI, IP,…) for all distribution platforms (Digital Terrestrial, Satellite and WEB) 
  • Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) delivery network: high-quality platform and transmission services based on proprietary multiplexes in Italy 
  • Multiscreen/Second screen: live and on-demand content preparation and transcoding for Multiscreen delivery 
  • Consultant services: support from an experienced team of video professionals, specialized in creating an optimized network to deliver high-quality services and support the viewer’s preference

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