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Italian Temporary Services ITS

Value proposition

Sparkle will be responsible for coordinating and managing temporary communications provided within Italy.


The service is provided throughout Italy with the highest capillarity available.


Temporary Services may be requested for a min. 1 day to a max. 6 month service duration. Services include:

  • IDD
  • ISDN
  • ADSL
  • Basic Phones
  • Router

To order ITS services please send the following information to:

  • Name of Event
  • Service duration (start and end date)
  • Exact Location and address of requested service
  • Service requested (IDD / ISDN / ADSL / SHDSL)
  • Exact indication for the installation of each of the requested lines such as: Commentary position / O.B. Van / Satellite SNG Uplink / Media Centre
  • End Customer Details (with contact point name and phone number)
  • Local Contact Reference within the Event (speaking local language)

Once the ITS Service order form has been completed, operators will have to acknowledge and accept our ITS Service Terms and Conditions and Information about the treatment of customer’s personal data Conditions. In addition, the customer has to fulfill the document related to the Statement on Specific Risks.

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