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Global Satiro Training Program

Value proposition

The Global Satiro training program provides the key competencies required to recognize, strategize, then respond quickly and successfully to the ever-changing environment of the international telecommunications market, through a comprehensive range of learning and networking opportunities. 


Global Satiro consists of two unique and far reaching in-class programs in collaboration with the TIM Group’s HR Service. The program offers the knowledge required for an in-depth comprehension of the international telecoms market and of its dynamics, as well as all the skills to maximize the value of technology and optimize its overall contribution to the business. 
The program features two different in-class training sessions to choose from, depending on the participant's area of interest, whether it be technical or commercial: 

Technical Courses focus on advanced fixed and mobile Network Technologies, Services and New Applications

Commercial Courses focus on Business and Marketing Management of TLC Services Within each course; the following topics are covered to provide a comprehensive curriculum: 

  • Innovation, Change and Emerging Technologies
  • Fixed and Mobile Networks technologies and services
  • Management and Business skills
  • Market and Industry Intelligence


The Global Satiro Training courses offer the right balance of knowledge, skills, strategic business analysis, creative thinking and networking to achieve a well-rounded learning experience. 


With over ten years of experience in managing "know-how" transfer programs, Sparkle has trained around 100 delegates from international telecom operators, supporting them with the implementation of new technologies, the adoption of next generation networks, the development of new services and the globalization of their businesses. 

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