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Sparkle’s worldwide Tier 1 Internet backbone grant top-performance and reliable IP solutions thanks to the extensive presence throughout Europe, Latin America and United States, its unique presence in Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean Basin, and its continuous expansion in the Asia Pacific. Sparkle IP backbone is the best choice to support the digital growth, ensuring the ideal environment for content, video and data transport.

Our Portfolio


Seabone is Sparkle’s IP Transit service, a worldwide Tier 1 Internet backbone providing ISPs, content providers and accelerators with top-performance access to the Global Internet. Seabone is one of the Top 10 global IP players providing state-of-the-art performance, robustness, reliability and loyalty.



Anti DDoS protection solutions are the Seabone set of services to mitigate and clean the attacks - and so to protect customer network -based on scrubbing centers distributed on our backbone with a significant mitigation throughout that – in case of exceptional large attacks – are supported and enriched by the Arbor could service. These service are available with several options like Proactive DDoS service, where Sparkle SOC proactively notifies Customers of an attack and then applies the Mitigation & Cleaning, Self DDoS, a smart option for customers to self-protect their networks and stop attacks in minutes applying the Mitigation & Cleaning by themselves, and BGP Flowspec, a new mitigation technique to rate-limit or drop the attacks at the edge of the backbone with specific granularity in terms of matching criteria and filtering like source/destination address, packet lengths, ports.



Virtual NAP is Sparkle turnkey solution to provide customers with access and EoMPLS transport to the main Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) worldwide, allowing players to easily join main peering community. Virtual NAP is provided in partnership with the major IXPs (LINX, DEC-IX, AMS-IX, MIX, Namex France-IX, NetIX, Equinix, Speed-IX, PIT Chile) in many cities around the world. Virtual NAP is also the perfect solution in bundle with Seabone service, leveraging on a single interconnection port.



Sparkle’s IXP Connect is a simple, flexible and transparent Carrier Ethernet connectivity that meets the requirements of ISPs, content providers and media distributors that need to be connected to the main Internet Exchange points in Europe, the Americas and Asia.



The Peering Guide is used by Sparkle to evaluate requests made by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for the purpose of directly exchanging IP traffic with the Sparkle IP network Seabone Autonomous System (AS) 6762. To request the Seabone Peering Guide, please send an email to peering@seabone.net

Note: The Peering Guide is made available for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an offer to enter into a Peering Agreement. In the event your network enters into a Peering Agreement with Sparkle, your legal rights and obligations will be defined in that agreement and the Peering Guide will not be a part of that agreement. Sparkle reserves the right to revise or change the Peering Guide at any time without notice.



  • Up to 100Gbps PORT INTERFACES
  • SDH


  • Option (IP Port only)
  • Facility Option (IP Port + facility)
  • Bundle Aggregation
  • VLAN options


  • IPv4, IPv6 native, Dual Stack IPv4 + IPv6
  • Multiple BGP sessions


  • Proactive DDoS service
  • Self DDos
  • BGP Flowspec


  • Flat
  • Burstable
  • Aggregate billing over multiple ports Carrier-grade SLA
  • Monitored 24x7


  • Customer Service in 4 languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish
  • Self-Caring

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