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Big Data

Value proposition

Big Data creates value from existing loads of ‘hidden’ and unused information (“big data”) on networks, by interrogating and analyzing data in the smartest and most intelligent way.
Ordinary business intelligence tools only provide answers with a linear approach. Big Data allows a more proactive matrix-based approach to guide decision making, to perform dimensional analysis and to provide a helicopter view of every event.

Value for Sparkle’s Customers:

  • Solution providing real time alerts, reports and analysis supporting your business decisions
  • Improved Connectivity & Roaming user experience and proactive caring


Big Data provides MNOs with (near) real-time advanced business intelligence tools that analyzes international mobile connectivity and roaming business (incoming & outgoing) based on algorithms which correlate different types of feeds such as Signalling, GRX/IPX, LTE/Diameter and TAP files. Analysis insights create an improved Roamer User Experience 

Product features

• Dashboards allowing both standard and custom reports & views alongside advanced alerting capabilities

• Support of major standard protocols (MAP Signalling, GRX/IPX, LTE, TAP files), M2M detection and Fair Use Policy monitoring

• Probes can be included for MNOs who are not Sparkle’s customers for connectivity services

• Additional custom feeds can be integrated on demand

• The Big Data product encompasses multiple building blocks through a single sign-on for the Customer (SSO):

  • Advanced Mobile Connectivity Dashboard:
    • Sparkle Analytics Tableau is an advanced reporting/data analytics portal for Mobile Connectivity customers (SS7 Global Signalling, LTE Diameter Signalling, IPX/GRX Data Roaming). Users have access to the portal through a dedicated website
    • The portal offers to the Operators several dashboards with a set of KPIs related to volumes & quality of the connectivity services in place with Sparkle 
    • It is based on Tableau technology, the best-in-class product among User Interfaces for Data Analytics. Beside its intuitive ease of use and a strong appeal from a graphical point of view, it also offers self-reporting features as scheduling alerts by email through the flexible configuration of thresholds on various available KPIs
  • Advanced Roaming Dashboards:
    • Customer Experience Management enables roaming assurance, monitoring network health and measures an individual roamer’s experience. It provides the ability to act and steer customers based on quality, in order to identify root causes of issues faster and provide leverage in negotiations with partner networks for improved quality
    • Roamer Analytics solution presents Operators with an opportunity to detect, identify and segment roaming users according to various criteria, observing their usage patterns across voice, messaging and data services. Furthermore, Customers gain other insights into the behavior of various segments such as permanent roamers, M2M/IOT devices, silent roamers, Fair Use Policy measuring, across various dimensions 

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