Mobile Platform

Data Clearing Services

Value proposition

Sparkle Data Clearing Services include validation, verification, conversion and processing of TAP files as well as reporting the file status to customers. Some of the key benefits of Sparkle Data Clearing solution are:


  • Savings in IT and roaming administration
  • Ensuring business continuity and no risk service transition to Sparkle
  • Rating and Billing expertise with flexibility for customized solutions
  • Business intelligence providing key information on operational and marketing needs
  • Enhanced services with roaming fraud detection and Financial Clearing
  • Sparkle platforms able to support the development of new services like M2M IOT and LTE roaming and to guarantee a high level of inter-operability between various DCH service providers


Sparkle Data Clearing Services provide a range of clearing facilities focused on the reliable and secure processing of roaming call events, exchanged between mobile operators using the TAP standard. Sparkle Data Clearing Services offer several value-added services that give operators additional benefits and allow them to better manage their wholesale, roaming and billing needs. Sparkle Data Clearing services are operated in full accordance with the requirements set up by industry working groups like GSMA TADIG. 

Product features

In addition to the standard Data Clearing services, Sparkle solution includes features like IOT check, TAP conversion, re-rating & re-pricing, advanced reporting capabilities through a dedicated web portal and fraud tools like NRTRDE service. A Business Intelligence tool can also be provided.


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