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Global Signalling SS7

Value proposition

As a leading provider with over twenty years experience, Sparkle offers immediate worldwide SS7 network reach to more than 800 mobile operators through its Global Signalling service.


Global Signalling SS7 enables international roaming (i.e. registration, authentication messages, location update and SMS) with the highest possible QoS. Created for Mobile Network Operators intending to provide global roaming services to their end subscribers’ customer base. Suitable also for other players needing international signalling connectivity.

Product features

Sparkle Global Signalling SS7 service is available with two options: a) SCCP routing consisting of Transport and Global Title Translation capability tailored to mobile operators’ needs; and b) STP transport only capability tailored for operators and carriers with limited SS7 reach and on mobile operators running their own Global Title Translation but needing full networks reach. Access Options both through dedicated TDM circuits or IP (VPN over internet or via a dedicated connection) using the Sigtran protocol. 

The Global Signalling SS7 standard offer includes, on top of basic functionalities, some advanced features such as traffic routing by origin and destination, SCCP screening preventing spam attacks as well as a state-of-the-art web reporting tool that provides a detailed view of traffic origin and destination, QoS statistical KPIs like UDTS (on net/off net) and MAP Operational Code visibility. 

Innovative value added features are also available on request: ITU/ANSI conversion (based on proprietary, fully backed up infrastructure), SMS Firewall and many other Signalling VAS like the Traffic Steering tool, Call Correction, Short Codes, Welcome SMS, Border Roaming Redirector and Roaming Performance Viewer. 

Global Title Translation for ANSI to ANSI roaming is also supported.

The overall QoS is guaranteed through SLA with financial credits and through worldwide backup networks. 24x7x365 customer care service provided by Sparkle.

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