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Data Roaming ENGINE

Value proposition

Sparkle Data Roaming ENGINE - Everywhere Next Generation IPX Network - (formerly GRX) addresses Mobile Operators that need to provide their end users with the most extensive and reliable international Data roaming services also on Next Generation networks.


Sparkle Data Roaming ENGINE enables IP Data Services by providing immediate direct reach to all mobile operators worldwide. Data Roaming ENGINE solution is built over a carrier grade proprietary MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) backbone with higher speed, increased reliability and QoS.

Product features

  • Access Options through dedicated IP circuits, IPX and Public IP (VPN over internet)
  • Service is compliant with all GSMA guidelines 
  • Supports both inbound and outbound filtering for optimal security to customers
  • DNS service fully integrated with the GSMA Root DNS Server
  • Web reporting tool including detailed view on traffic and IP KPIs like latency and round trip delay with associated solid SLA agreements
  • Peering agreements with all the other major IPX providers
  • CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) option to fully manage and monitor the service into the customer’s network
  • 24x7x365 customer care service provided by Sparkle

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