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Value proposition

The IP Packet eXchange (IPX) is a next-generation platform able to guarantee mobile data services and high quality end-to-end voice. Through a global, secure and private IP interconnection, IPX is the most efficient way to run many different services on a single, converged interconnection.


Through a single interconnection, Sparkle’s customers can access high quality voice and mobile data services such as LTE/Diameter (4G), GRX, Signalling service, SMS/MMS Hub, HD Voice and other innovative services including VoLTE, Instant Messaging, Presence and Videoshare. Sparkle IPX platform is able to support the development of new IP-based services and to guarantee a high level of inter-operability with a worldwide reach between various service providers.

Product features

  • Single access to many different services
  • Integrated and secure IP interconnection
  • Bilateral and hubbing connectivity options
  • Differentiation of Classes of Services per product
  • Enhanced GRX solutions to support International Data Roaming
  • SIGTRAN-based signalling service to enable 2G/3G international roaming
  • DIAMETER-based signalling service to enable LTE/4G international roaming
  • SMS Transit/Hubbing service
  • Voice termination
  • E2E voice quality parameters measured and monitored on real traffic, with a full integration of CDRs generated by soft switches and SBCs
  • CLI transparency and E2E monitoring, Roaming traffic support, Originally Called Number (OCN) and Redirecting Number (RDN) support, fax support, break-out to TDM on customer demand
  • Advanced Web-based Reporting on Traffic and Quality
  • Fully compliant with GSMA guidelines
  • 24x7x365 customer care service provided by Sparkle

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