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LTE Diameter Signalling

Value proposition

Sparkle LTE Diameter Signalling is the answer to the challenges mobile operators face with the introduction of 4G technology, for example:

  • Managing multiple connections and SCTP associations with several roaming partners will require significant OPEX for operators
  • Preventing Diameter signalling storms on Customer Networks caused by possible signalling bottlenecks the fastest worldwide deployment of LTE could generate, thus reducing mobile data networks’ quality and user experience
  • Managing different configurations for each roaming partner connection when each operator’s equipment vendor or Diameter Edge Agent uses a different Diameter protocol


Diameter Signalling Service enables inter-operability and worldwide signal routing of Diameter messages. Diameter Signalling Service is built on top of a secure, QoS enabled IPX Service and provides customers with LTE core network topology hiding, limiting both exposure to potential security attacks and sharing of the network topology layer with roaming partners.

Product features

Diameter Signalling is available with the following service options:

  • Diameter Relay: Sparkle acts as Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) on the logical connections with the Customer network. Optional adaptation, policing and screening can also be applied to control traffic and protect the Customer
  • Interworking Function: Diameter to MAP and MAP to Diameter conversion; Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) hosting: Sparkle’s DEA solution provides the critical functions to make Diameter signalling flow smoothly from network to network eliminating any CAPEX issues

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