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Value proposition

The course provides an overview of the evolution of Mobile Networks and Services, from GSM to LTE, with an in-depth analysis of lnternational Roaming Services, ranging in scope from the negotiation of agreements to testing phases, through commercial launch, the description of tools needed to optimize resources and to exploit the full potential of the roaming business. 


The course content is very broad, with the main theme of international roaming on mobile networks, and covering subjects from network architecture to technologies that support mobility, value-added-services through the potential of new applications and services or new business models. Detailed references to the content of the Sparkle’s Mobile Solutions commercial offer are included to illustrate concepts. 

The course topics are: 

First level

  • Mobile Networks and lnternational Roaming Services
  • 2G and 3G Networks, SS7 protocol, the lnternational SS7 Backbone
  • lnternational roaming, signaling procedures, administrative procedures
  • IR.24 tests, Camel, USSD and USSD Callback, SMS and MMS lnter-working
  • Roaming Value Added Services, Data Roaming
  • Mobile Number Portability, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Commercial Roaming Concepts

Second level


  • 4G Networks and Advanced Mobile Services
  • IPX, IP Signalling, Diameter
  • LTE, IMS, VoLTE and Roaming implementations
  • Wi-Fi inter-working and VoWiFi
  • IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M connectivity and applications


This training would benefit every professional working in the roaming arena who wants to keep up to date with the latest industry developments, as well as for new employees in roaming related areas from mobile operators for example: Roaming Managers, Roaming Coordinators, Account Managers, Wholesale Managers, New employees, Procurement Managers, Billing Managers, Finance Experts, Engineering/VAS


With over 10 years of experience in managing knowledge transfer programs, the course on Mobile Networks and lnternational Roaming Services has been successfully delivered in three editions for the last two years, garnering high satisfaction scores from our main clients/partners. 

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