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Signalling Protection Suite

Value proposition

Signalling Protection Suite is a sophisticated all-in-one package that offers a complete portfolio of Protection Services from audit to active prevention to mobile operators, telco groups and multinational customers in vertical segments. Sparkle Signalling Protection Suite leverages on other MNOs' lessons learned to prevent attacks from hackers, fraudsters and foreign security services guaranteeing  a short time to market.


Sparkle Signalling Protection Suite offers a complete range of solutions to protect customer’s signalling network from all threats: authentication theft, call and SMS interception, subscriber location tracking, network outage / DoS, fraud and others.
The solution includes three modules:

  • Signalling Security Assessment: Tailored security audit shows customer’s vulnerabilities and threats providing detailed reports & recommendations on SS7 (TDM–SIGTRAN) & LTE Diameter.
  • Analytics and Detection Tool: Real-time dashboards for enhanced visibility and early detection of threats coming from Signalling networks. Multitenant solution: detection dashboard can be partitioned for any specific customer and large Mobile groups
  • Signalling Firewall:  Active prevention with checks on all routed signalling messages applying block, discard or detection on SS7 (TDM-SIGTRAN) & LTE Diameter

Product features

  • Flexible rule engine: 100% customizable thanks to multitenant approach
  • Reporting & Analytic tools: real-time threat detection powered by comprehensive dashboards, reports and actionable intelligence with a deep drill-down option for incidents investigation and response
  • Leverage on other MNOs lesson learned, to better prevent attacks from hackers, fraudsters and foreign security services
  • Operational management: in fully managed service or self-service  
  • Full Protection option: possibility to integrate feeds of other signalling providers used by customer in home network or from national roaming interconnections 
  • VIP Protection: priority monitoring to list of high-profile IMSIs 
  • Fully compliant to GSMA guidelines FS.11, FS.19, IR.82, etc

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