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Value proposition

Sparkle SMS Firewall service protects mobile operators from fraudulent attacks, through a filtering system that allows approved traffic to pass through, while blocking any unwanted messages.


SMS firewall service provides mobile operators with all the necessary tools to monitor and block Fraud events on SMS’s traffic. Service is fully compliant with GSMA specifications (IR70 and IR71). Based on a best in class platform, our SMS firewall solution performs semantic analysis and home routing and it can be used as a firewall to prevent fraudulent events against mobile operators and their customer base.

Product features

  • Spamming/flooding/faking/spoofing detection
  • Content screening & semantic analysis
  • Advance web reporting features and GUI
  • GSMA standard compliance (according to IR.70 & IR.71)
  • Pre-defined rules/conditions to prevent misuse by customers
  • Home routing capability
  • Fully managed Service Options

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