Mobile Platform

VoLTE Transit and Roaming

Value proposition

Sparkle VoLTE transit service enables high quality transport and termination of IMS -VoLTE and RCS services at the international level supporting MNOs to launch IMS-based services for their end subscribers.


Through a dedicated I/C on Sparkle’s proprietary IPX network, MNOs can leverage the existing footprint of the Sparkle voice termination service adding IMS-VoLTE enabled networks through inter-working capabilities developed by Sparkle applicable to legacy networks in case the recipient network/subscriber is not VoLTE or it is not under LTE coverage.

Sparkle allows mobile operators to test and launch VoLTE service propositions through a VoLTE trial program offering on-net and off-net (through Tier 1 third parties international providers and their respective direct mobile customers) scenarios test designed for VoLTE and VoLTE Roaming inter-operability.

Product features

  • SIP Messages and RTP media routing and mediation of messages at both origin and destination
  • Inter-operability in the management of Transcoding, Transrating and Transsizing 
  • HD Voice capabilities
  • Full support on deployment of preferred VoLTE roaming solution (LBO or S8HR)
  • High quality transport
  • Exploiting IP convergence through voice service
  • Network efficiency increases

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